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Wings of Mercy is a residential program provided by a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to provide services to mothers and infants who are the victims of unwanted pregnancies regardless of race and nationality. Our mission is to promote health, spiritual growth, and protect abundant life for these individuals and subsequently, their infants. The program promotes the respect for and dignity of life. Whether the infants are kept by their parent(s) or placed for adoption, the staff will ensure a safe, friendly, and positive learning experience for both mother and infant. As you can see by the list of advisors, several different Christian denominations and organizations are represented. I do not consider this a "religion" project but one that all Christians and non-Christians should consider important.

Central to this concept is that Oklahoma State Law now legally allows abortions. Wings of Mercy will provide a positive alternative to this, which I feel, is an unnecessary immoral and spiritually wrong solution. Wings of Mercy has been incorporated and our 501(c)(3) has been approved as a non-profit organization. Application for a license as a Resident Child Facility is pending with the Department of Human Services. Oklahoma now has two licensed facilities and both are at capacity (six at each site). There is an immediate need for additional facilities in this area and Wings of Mercy is waiting to fill this void. Girls will be required to continue with their education and be taught practical living skills such as: cooking, sewing, financial skills, self-worth, and childcare. Counseling classes and career opportunities will be provided.

"I do not want to know that a girl had to get an abortion because she could not get care or assistance in placing her child. So I see Wings of Mercy as a place for girls in trouble to come and have their babies. It is not to be just a home for unwed mothers because I see Wings of Mercy as a place for unwanted babies of all races and nationalities. I have committed my future to assisting girls and babies."

Photo of Judy Jolley, Director
Judy Jolley, Director
Wings of Mercy Institute

Presently, we are looking for a facility to house approximately 50 women and their infants plus provide space for a large nursery to accommodate additional infants. This is an urgent and immediate need for Oklahoma. We envision reaching into Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and New Mexico as the program grows. Donations are welcome. Click here for more information.

Wings of Mercy has the pieces in place to satisfy this need. The key to Wings of Mercy will be to find benevolent individuals, corporations, or foundations who have similar concerns and wish to provide resources (human, financial, property, etc.) to provide these most needed services to a forgotten few.

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